Wednesday, December 14, 2016

10-19-14 Travis' Commentary On The Doctor Assisted Suicide Of Brittany Maynard, About A Month Before It Was Done

What's this world come to? Some doctor says it's hopeless, just go home and eat a bunch of rat poison and die? My mom, who I love very much has cancer all over the place, probably wont make it, but there's still that small chance, so who the hell am I to deny it? And there was a good friend of mine who survived a stage IV brain tumor with only a 10% chance to live. No, it is the will to fight, to live against immeasurable odds that makes the grief, drama, and trauma bearable for both me and mom. Our lives are short enough as it is, why make them shorter based on some doctors "projected probability"? Doctors may be well educated, but a lot of what they school in is not always useful or practical. They are not gods. Even if you are a hard boiled athiest, at least consider the random possibility of good things happening under apparently tragic circumstances. Life is ugly, life is graphic, life is upsetting, life is painful, life is unfair. You walk thru it and get stronger on the other side. Grow up and get over it. If I've pissed off everybody on this thread, good at least I made you think for yourself for half a second, instead of just accepting all this suicide stuff as gospel, just cause "all your friends said so". There are still a lot of unknown variables with cancer, in spite of decades of research, so although there are "ball park" figures with life expectancy, it's still impossible to nail down an exact "death date", so this poor young lady might be cheating herself and her loved ones by a few days. Just something to consider.

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