Friday, November 11, 2016


HERE ARE MY INNERMOST THOUGHTS ON THE ELECTION AND DONALD TRUMP: My personal status at this time is both mentally and politically "schizophrenic", being my history and family background are equally complex. My mother's relatives, the Smyth's, who have now all passed away, were Republicans, but not the insane firebrand kind like Trump and Sarah Palin. At the core of that party, they do have some good values such as strong economy and military, as well as good national defense and a low crime rate, but failed to adjust in tune with the changing times and the changing demographics of the voters. My father's relatives, the Salisbury's, are mostly proud Democrats. At the core of that party, are also some good values, being fighting for social harmony, and economic equality, but that party too, missed the boat, as there really are a bunch of disenfranchised poor people, former working class whites and others, and real terrorism and national security issues that ppl are too busy screaming at each other to see, so we are simply not as safe and secure, or economically stable as that party likes to portray, they had a basic honesty issue there. Although being former Republican, did not vote for Trump, as I found him disgusting back when I was Republican, breathed a sigh of relief when he was elected, since in the months leading to the election, few probably knew this, we were under nuclear threat from Russia and their Satan 2 missiles to not elect Hillary, who I also found personally disgusting, Satan 2, being powerful enough to obliterate an area the size of Texas with a single strike. This year I "temporarily" went Democrat to support Bernie Sanders, then in solidarity with Brother Connor and the Occupy Medical movement, I supported Jill Stein and the Pacific Green Party, as they were the only ones actively fighting to bring back our environment, which ALL humans NEED to survive, I also threw some votes to some Libertarians. We need more parties that represent the "middle" of America, not just the extreme right or left. This election made crystal clear to me that we need a multiparty government, to add more checks and balances, as the ones we have in place are far from being sufficient to stabilize our political system and society. So, we need more colors in our political rainbow, to more accurately reflect our diversity, since red and blue just don't cut it for me anymore, but that's just my two cents worth.

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